Incredible Universe

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Well, it is hard with the space. It has always been here with us, but still we know very little about it. The thing is the space exploration is not simple at all. If you ask astronomers what in fact the space is like, you will learn nothing but scary things. For example that it is so freezing and completely dark in the space that you—Laika will forgive us—would not even send a dog out. Or that the space is so huge and maybe also infinite that we even do not know which end to start the research from. Astronomer's daily, actually nightly, bread is simply rather hard. What is more, every while they discover something that looks absolutely incredible. Sometimes even so much that it even exceeds the craziest sci-fi movies. But this is exactly what our space is like—incredible!

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Written and directed by: Pavel Gabzdyl and Jan Píšala
Sound and picture postproduction by: Pavel Karas
Produced by: Brno Observatory and Planetarium

Technical information

Duration: 24 min 27 sec.
Available languages: English, Czech, other on request
Keywords: Astronomy, Education, Night Sky, Earth, International Space Station, Earth Magnetosphere, Saturn, Saturn's rings, Saturn's moons, Neptun, Sun, Planetary Nebulas, Helix, Milky Way
Viewing: 7+ years
Audience: Public & schools
Video format: Fulldome 4K PNG sequence, 30 fps, 4096 × 4096 (other resolutions also available)
Audio format: 5.1 in 6 mono WAV tracks



Licensing & pricing

License period: 50 years
Price: 2400 EUR + VAT + hardware and delivery charge