Open a window to the fulldome world!
Brno, June 15 – 17 2016

Dreaming and imagining as well as discovering and exploring – activities that have never ceased to entertain most of us, whether 5 years old or 95. To immerse oneself in a story, to set out into another time, another dimension, an unknown world … what could be better? I am not someone to rein in my imagination. Stories, and even more films which feed the mind and please the eye are a joy I cannot do without and in which I indulge regularly. Thanks to modern technology, with which the digital planetarium is well supplied, it is possible to immerse oneself in images and sounds. The IPS Fulldome Festival at the Brno Observatory and Planetarium promises a great experience. If you love to marvel before the movie screen (or rather under the dome), you should make sure that you get to Kraví hora on time.

Petr Vokřál, the Mayor of the City of Brno

Jointly organized by International Planetarium Society, Inc.  and IPS Conference Warsaw 2016.